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Sage is a neat bundle of mathematical software that can be used to do anything from finding class numbers of number fields (like I did to make this graph) to testing whether a finitely presented group is trivial (sometimes…). Typically one works with Sage in a "worksheet" in a web browser, so that it's easy to organise large numbers of calculations for later reference. Navigating large worksheets, however, might be cumbersome without a table of contents, just like long math papers without a table of contents are hard to read.

In this post, we'll go over how to (manually) make a table of contents in your Sage worksheet with HTML, with the following example: More »

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Since the introduction of the Forum of Mathematics journals, there has certainly been some disdain at its probably eventual policy of charging authors for publication.

Here is one example of a journal that will be free to publish in and read: Algebraic Geometry, which is being run by Foundation Compositio Mathematica. This organisation already runs the (non-open source) Compositio Mathematica. The first issue of Algebraic Geometry is supposed to be published in 2014.