Post Series

Post series contain multiple posts devoted to a certain topic. The links of all of them can be found in this handy page.

Computing tutorials

These are various tutorials on math-related computing.

  1. OpenMP Tutorial: Part 1, Part 2: how to get started with parallel processing (using multiple threads and cores) in the C language

A little intro to the Jacobi symbol

  1. Part 1: Basic properties
  2. Part 2: Relation to quadratic residues and the law of quadratic reciprocity
  3. Part 3: Use in the Solovay-Strassen primality test

Non-unique Factorisation

Explore the world of non-unique factorisation in commutative rings with zero divisors! This series explains some of the concepts found in the paper:

Anderson, D. D.; Valdes-Leon, Silvia. Factorization in commutative rings with zero divisors. Rocky Mountain J. Math. 26 (1996), no. 2, 439–480

Here are the posts:

  1. Non-unique Factorisation: Part 1: Types of associates
  2. Non-unique Factorisation: Part 2: A little about presimplifiable rings

Waldhausen Cats

This series of posts attempts to explain some aspects of the paper:

Waldhausen, Friedhelm. "Algebraic K-theory of spaces." Algebraic and geometric topology. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1985. 318-419.

Here are the posts so far:

  1. Waldhausen Cats 1: Categories with Cofibrations
  2. Waldhausen Cats 2: Exact Categories and Cobase Change
  3. Waldhausen Cats 3: Exact Functors
  4. Waldhausen Cats 4: Arrow Categories
  5. Waldhausen Cats 5: Subcategories of Arrow

Wild Spectral Sequences

This series gives examples of spectral sequences being used in 'toy examples'. It presupposes some basic knowledge of spectral sequences. After reading these posts together with a basic introduction, the use of spectral sequences should be easy as pie!

  1. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 1: Snake
  2. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 2: Five, Isomorphism!
  3. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 3: Cohomological Dimension
  4. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 4: Schanuel’s Lemma
  5. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 5: Lyndon-Hochschild-Serre
  6. Wild Spectral Sequences Ep. 6: The 3×3 Lemma

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