How can I start my own blog?

Blogging is really easy. Go to wordpress.com and register a blog. It does not cost money. Or, if you're more adventurous, you can register your own domain name and install wordpress on it.

Do I need a PhD to be a successful math blogger?

Absolutely not. If you understand something in mathematics, you can and should be able to explain it. If you like writing about mathematics, you should go for it.

Can I write a guest post?

Yes! Please do! Though not many people do, probably because it's a lot of work and you won't get paid for it. But then again, I haven't made a cent off writing either. I just do it for fun.

Can I promote my educational product?

No. I do allow reviews of products (like books or course materials) by independent and disinterested third-parties, but no biased advertising.

How can I order the Aleph Zero Categorical T-shirt?

There is no T-shirt. If you print one yourself though, I would find it amusing unless you sold it for profit, in which case I would be mad.

Why are there book reviews about books that have nothing to do with math?

Everything is related to math in some way. The serious answer is that I've decided to review books on technology and science as well as math, since I think most readers would be interested in them.

Why are there posts about statistics? Isn't this blog about algebra?

It is true that most of my research is in algebra. But I'm interested in a wide variety of math. As Sammo Hung said in The Incredible Kung Fu Master: "Some people like chicken, others like fish, others prefer vegetable and bean curd. I like it all, as long as it's edible."

Will other strange posts appear in the future?

That's the great thing about my being in charge. Anything can happen.

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