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Blockchain is the combination of distributed computing and cryptography that underlies Bitcoin, and it is a fascinating technology that essentially allows users in a network to have usable digital currency. But cryptocurrency is not the only use of blockchain technology: it is also verifiable reputation, contracts, and information in a decentralised manner that hints at some pretty neat applications, all of which have the same underlying theme: making trade much more efficient. This is the topic of Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy by Melanie Swan.

The meat of this book are discussions on the uses of blockchain technology from existing ones like decentralised domain name services to possible future ones like decentralised government and secure health data verification. It turns out that there are many situations that would benefit from decentralisation and that also require verifiability. Digital currency, which has (a) decentralisation to avoid middle men like banks, and (b) verifiability so that one cannot just make up how much money is in a digital wallet, is by far not the only one.
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