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Book Review: deMeyer and Ingraham's "Separable Algebras over Commutative Rings"

Let $R$ be a commutative ring. We say that an $R$-algebra $A$ is separable if it is projective as an $A\otimes_R A^{\rm op}$-module. Examples include full matrix rings over $R$, finite separable field extensions, and $\Z[\tfrac 12,i]$ as a $\Z[\tfrac 12]$-algebra. The 1970 classic Separable Algebras by deMeyer and Ingraham acquaints the reader with this […]

Book Review: Weibel's "An Introduction to Homological Algebra"

Let us recall some classic words: Our subject starts with homology, homomorphisms, and tensors. Saunders Mac Lane, in "Homology" And while Mac Lane's "Homology" and its friend by Cartan and Eilenberg are certainly fairly comprehensive sources of homological algebra, viewpoint shifts in the subject have made more recent approaches desirable. Weibel's 'An Introduction to Homological […]