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I keep a fair amount of notes on things I want to learn and results that I am working on. Usually, I keep these in a LaTeX file on my computer in a neatly arranged directory structure. Unfortunately, for some time I've been dissatisfied with this approach. For one, LaTeX compiles into a isolated document that can't be linked easily to other documents. For another, LaTeX makes good looking papers and books but is mediocre at formatting small little notes that might be linked in strange ways.

A typical example is conference notes: I always take notes at conferences at varying degrees of completeness, usually more on the side of a jumbled mess. Sometimes I just jot down one or two things that I'd like to keep in my mind, such as a fact I didn't know or something to look up later. In typing these notes, perhaps I'd like to highlight these things somehow, perhaps by putting them in a pretty coloured box. With LaTeX, although it's possible to use coloured boxes for text (and I do), it requires some macro with weird syntax that I keep forgetting.
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AZC has switched from WP-LaTeX to MathJax. There was no real problem with WP-LaTeX, but MathJax offered some improvements:

  1. Improved rendering
  2. Local installation: MathJax can be installed on your own webserver, so that you're no longer reliant on external services
  3. Easier typing of LaTeX: in WP-LaTeX, you have to type the word LaTeX after the first dollar sign, and in MathJax you don't

Here is a before-and-after image (you'll have to click on it to view full size to see the difference properly):

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