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Automorphisms of Matrix Rings over Fields are Inner

Let $k$ be a field. The ring $M_n(k)$ of $n\times n$ matrices over $k$ has some automorphisms, given by conjugation by elements of $\GL_n(k)$. These are inner automorphisms, and this action happens to be the adjoint action of $\GL_n$ on its Lie algebra. Are there any other automorphisms? The answer is no, and the reason […]

Azumaya's Theorem

In the last post, we saw that an upper triangular $n\times n$ matrix ring $T_n$ over a commutative ring $R$ for $n \geq 2$ is not a separable $R$-algebra. We did this by invoking the commutator theorem: if $A$ is a central separable algebra and $B$ is a separable subalgebra then $C = A^B$ is […]