The new religion of technology

We have a new religion, and it’s called technology. Technology is the most deceptive sort of religion, because it purports itself as mere machine, mere mathematical logic incarnate. But if that were so, surely we would think more about which of these lifeless machines are good for us and which are not?

We don’t. We march foward, inventing everything and anything. Go to Apple’s website, and look at their products. They look like altars. We worship technology and we teach children that it is all-good. We say that technology will provide the answers to any question and the solutions to any problem. It’s omnipotent. Just take a look at any school curriculum.

I once read a truly horrible statement from an even more horrible book called, ‘Connected Code: Why Children Need to Learn Programming’. The preface written by Mitchel Resnick said:

In recent years, many researchers have rallied around computational thinking as a framework and motivation for computer science education, arguing that computational concepts can serve as a foundation for understanding all types of processes and systems in the world.

Yes, computers can help us understand systems from a cold, intellectual level of superiority and human supremacy. No, computers cannot help us understand the preciousness of life on an emotional level. This is the life that we are killing.

Killing. We are killing life for technology. We pollute and produce and pollute some more. We condemn genocide in war but we all participate in the genocide of millions of nonhuman life forms. Every time a new drug is developed, it’s tested on animals and those animals are murdered afterwards.

Technology improves the standard of living. Tell that to the millions of people who die of pollution every year. Tell that to the people who have to migrate because of rising ocean levels. Technology will solve climate change. Deception. Without the technology of fossil fuels, we wouldn’t have climate change. We need more than technology but it’s our god. Now we’re dependent on it and instead of facing the horror of it, we praise it. We are prisoners and it feeds us.

We shift uneasily at the news of mass suicides, but are we any different? We are in disbelief at the burning of women accused to be witches, but we’re setting the world on fire right now every day for more technology.

We don’t respect life. It’s all around us and we pass it over without a thought so we can get home and watch a new series, which was made by technology that kills life. But we convince ourselves that we are enlightened. We are the chosen ones. We know everything and technology is our god.

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  • Jorge Clúni says:

    The gods get their power from believers: the more pervasive the belief, the more numerous are the faithful, then the more powerful is the god.

    To often we recognize only what has been beneficial in transitioning from believing in sky-gods to faith in Technology and Science, but upon reflection it becomes clear how much has been so deeply detrimental about this shift.

    • Jason Polak says:

      I absolutely agree. That’s an interesting viewpoint: sometimes the immediate benefits can lead us to believe we have objectively improved, but have we? We should be cautious when the replacement of the Sky-god with no power has become a real god with actual power!

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