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University of California: Goodbye Elsevier

On July 10, 2019, the University of California gave up its access to Elsevier journals. According to Elsevier, The contract ended in December 2018. Since then, while working to find a solution, we have continued to provide access without payment to University of California campuses. Unfortunately, we've been unable to come to an agreement. The […]

Free notes on rigidity of groups acting on manifolds

A final version of a 160-page text written by Aaron Brown and others appeared on the arXiv today. The abstract: This text is an expanded series of lecture notes based on a 5-hour course given at the workshop entitled "Workshop for young researchers: Groups acting on manifolds" held in Teresópolis, Brazil in June 2016. The […]

Some 2018 Springer Math Texts

When I was a student at McGill I loved looking at the latest Springer texts in the now-nonexistant Rosenthall library. So, I thought that I'd list some of the cool looking titles that have come out in 2018: Walter Dittrick, Reassessing Riemann's Paper: This book is an analysis of Riemann's paper "On the Number of […]

My top nine favourite math texts

Here they are: Keith Devlin, The Joy of Sets If you're not a set theorist but want to understand set theory, this book is awesome and one of a kind. I have not read it all, but what I have read I can actually understand! Frank de Meyer and Edward Igraham, Separable Algebras over Commutative […]

Ravenel's "Nilpotence and periodicity in stable homotopy theory" Free Download

Doug Ravenel has made his book Nilpotence and periodicity in stable homotopy theory available for free download along with a list of errata, also available at the same page as the book. Here is the official description from Princeton University Press: Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy Theory describes some major advances made in algebraic […]

Book Review: Ian Stewart's "From Here to Infinity"

A Guest Post by Emily Polak From Here to Infinity: A Guide to Today's Mathematics By Ian Stewart 1996 edition "From Here to Infinity" is an enchanting read, which inspires both budding mathematicians, and curious outsiders alike. For mathematicians are mysterious beings to the general population; enshrouded in a cloak of cryptic symbols, they slip […]

Book Review: Bachman's "Introduction to p-adic Numbers and Valuation Theory"

Posting has slowed a little bit this month because of holidays, but in the last couple weeks during my visit home I decided to refresh some basic knowledge of valuation theory by going through thoroughly the book "Introduction to p-adic Numbers and Valuation Theory" by George Bachman. Naturally, I wrote this quick review. Bachman's book […]

Book Review: Weibel's "An Introduction to Homological Algebra"

Let us recall some classic words: Our subject starts with homology, homomorphisms, and tensors. Saunders Mac Lane, in "Homology" And while Mac Lane's "Homology" and its friend by Cartan and Eilenberg are certainly fairly comprehensive sources of homological algebra, viewpoint shifts in the subject have made more recent approaches desirable. Weibel's 'An Introduction to Homological […]

Highlights in Linear Algebraic Groups 1: Introduction

As in many mathematics departments, graduate students in McGill's Department of Mathematics and Statistics have to take a comprehensive examination comprising of two parts: a written part (Part A) and an oral part (Part B). The Part B exam is based on two topics related to the student's field of research. One of my Part […]