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Book Review: Halmos’s “I Want to Be a Mathematician”

Paul R. Halmos, who worked on fields from ergodic theory to algebraic logic and who authored the textbooks “Naive Set Theory” and “Measure Theory”, details much of his academic life in his autobiography, “I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography” . In this post I shall give a few of my impressions of this […]

Book Review: Weibel’s “An Introduction to Homological Algebra”

Let us recall some classic words: Our subject starts with homology, homomorphisms, and tensors. Saunders Mac Lane, in “Homology” And while Mac Lane’s “Homology” and its friend by Cartan and Eilenberg are certainly fairly comprehensive sources of homological algebra, viewpoint shifts in the subject have made more recent approaches desirable. Weibel’s ‘An Introduction to Homological […]

Highlights in Linear Algebraic Groups 1: Introduction

As in many mathematics departments, graduate students in McGill’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics have to take a comprehensive examination comprising of two parts: a written part (Part A) and an oral part (Part B). The Part B exam is based on two topics related to the student’s field of research. One of my Part […]

Book Review: Rings and Things and a Fine Array of Twentieth Century Associative Algebra by Carl Faith

As it happens every so often, I browse the mathematical library pseudorandomly, and look out for interesting titles; usually a prerequisite for interesting is that they have something to do with the realm of algebra. This is exactly how I found Faith’s book, with its captivating title urging me to borrow it. Now, inevitably in […]