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Fifteen awesome cross-platform math apps

So much of my learning mathematics happened by tinkering around with mathematics software. Here are fifteen applications I think are really cool, with eleven of them being free. 1. SageMath Free: Yes Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux Website: Top on our list is Sage. Sage is a command line and Jupyter notebook based mathematics system […]

Proof assistants and the future of math

Are proof assistants the next breakthrough in mathematics? This is a question I have been thinking about since I tried the Lean proof assistant. I have tried proof assistants before, but Lean feels like it’s on another level. For one, I actually wrote a natural deduction proof in it. I can easily imagine it being […]

University of California: Goodbye Elsevier

On July 10, 2019, the University of California gave up its access to Elsevier journals. According to Elsevier, The contract ended in December 2018. Since then, while working to find a solution, we have continued to provide access without payment to University of California campuses. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to come to an agreement. The […]

Calculator Review: Casio FX-991MS

Some believe that if you’re main profession is pure math research, you don’t need a scientific calculator. That’s simply not true. Although I don’t use one nearly as much as when I was an undergrad, I still need a calculator and the only one I’m willing to use is the Casio FX-991MS.