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Reflections on ten years of blogging and math

Ten years have passed since I started this blog, Aleph Zero Categorical. I thought this might be a good time to reflect on how things have changed since then. Ten years ago, I just started my PhD. Five years ago, I completed that PhD, did one postdoc, and left academia. Leaving academia incidentally was not […]

Some misuses of science

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by science. Back then, science was reading about astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology and the wonderful facts and theories proposed to explain those facts. The method that is used by scientists in their journey is the scientific method. Although the exact nature of the scientific method […]

The perfect notebook

Over the years I have tried many systems to keep math notes: paper notebooks, offline WordPress installation, LaTeX files in folders, and random papers that get left on my desk for too long. None of these were ideal for all purposes. Here are the main drawbacks of each system: Paper notebooks are actually good for […]

Surviving Math Conferences

Conferences are a great opportunity to learn mathematics, mainly by meeting others in your field. In this post we’ll look at some ideas on how to make the most of attending a conference. The original version of this post was based upon my trip to Strasbourg but since then I’ve been to a few more […]

Strasbourg 2012 Part 1: Intro

According to my activities page, I should be in Strasbourg right now. In fact, I am in Strasbourg! Here is a typical city picture: Now, my intention is to write a series of blog posts briefly summarising the conference. This post is just a summary of summaries, and the upcoming posts will be the actual […]

Interview: Benjamin Smith

This interview is a start in what I hope to be a series of posts illustrating the human side of mathematics. Mathematicians as a group have distinctive cultural features. We have our own specialized humour and shared experiences that bring us together and make us laugh. A week ago, I read an interesting article by […]