Consider voting for this blog!

Update: Voting is now closed and the results of this contest will be announced on September 5, 2018.

Update #2: Due to a typo in the email I got about the contest rules, the previous update was a mistake. It seems like you can still vote until the end of August!

Update #3: Sadly, I did not win the Goosies. Perhaps next year! Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

Do you enjoy this blog and all the math on it? If so, consider voting for my blog in my host’s Canadian Goosy Awards. That’s right! Aleph Zero Categorical was nominated as a finalist in this contest. I am in the category for Best Blog/Personal Website. You have until August 31st to vote.

Part of the prize for this contest is free hosting for a year. If you do think I’m worthy of a vote, then your action will support this blog, which has been written my spare time for fun for over seven years. In fact, Aleph Zero Categorical is one of the longest running still-active math blogs on the Internet!

Thanks for considering :)


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