For real? Atiyah’s proof of the Riemann hypothesis

Well this is strange indeed: according to this New Scientist article published today, the famous Sir Michael Atiyah is supposed to talk this Monday at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. The topic: a proof of the Riemann hypothesis. The Riemann hypothesis states that the Riemann Zeta function defined by the analytic continuation of $\zeta(s) = \sum_{n=1}^\infty n^{-s}$ has nontrivial zeros only on the critical line whose numbers have real part $1/2$. Check out this MathWorld article for more details.

The Riemann hypothesis is considered by many to be the outstanding problem in mathematics. Many people have tried to prove it and failed.

Is this for real?

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  • Yemon Choi says:

    The implications from various comments online is that one should be sceptical, given that in recent years Atoyah has been announcing solutions to other long-standing open problems, which the relevant experts believe to be seriously incomplete.

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