Math book sale, North American shipping

Over time, I have accumulated many mathematics books. Inevitably, there were a few I acquired but were not really my style of book. So, I collected these up and am selling them here in the hope that other people can use them. To set up a purchase, email:

Payment can be made via Interac e-Transfer in Canada or Paypal in North America (if using Paypal add 3%). North American flat shipping 15 dollars, 10% discount if you buy more than one. Free shipping over 80 dollars. All in excellent condition, some near mint, with the exception of a few which are noted below.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. 10% of profits will be donated to Birdlife, an organization that works towards the ecological preservation of birds. If the item is listed here, it is still available.

  1. Berlinghoff, William P.; Gouvea, Fernando Q., “Math Throughout the Ages”. Hardcover. MAA 2015 Hardcover. $45
  2. Jacob Lurie, “Higher Topos Theory”. Softcover. $70
  3. Steven H. Weintraub, “Linear Algebra for the Young Mathematician”. Hardcover. $50
  4. Edwin H. Spanier, “Algebraic Topology”. 1966 Hardcover. $40
  5. Joseph H. Silverman, “The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves” 2nd Edition, Springer Hardcover. $60.
  6. Johnathan D. Rogawski, “Automorphic Representations of Unitary Groups in Three Variables”. Softcover. Slight crease in cover. $15.
  7. Engelbert J. Dockner, Steffen Jorgensen, Ngo Van Long, “Differential Games in Economics and Management Science”. Paperback. Cover is a little scratched and edges of pages have some markings. Inside clean. $40
  8. Bailey and Knapp, “Representation theory and automorphic forms”. Hardcover. $90.
  9. Goro Shimura, “Automorphic functions and number theory”. Ex-library hardcover, some library markings. $15.
  10. Armand Borel, “Linear Algebraic Groups” WA Benjamin 1969 Hardcover. $15
  11. Magnus, Karrass, and Solitar, “Combinatorial Group Theory”. Revised Second Dover Edition Softcover. $40.
  12. Kenneth S. Brown, “Cohomology of Groups”. GTM Hardcover. $60.
  13. Fulton and MacPherson, “Categorical Framework for the study of singular spaces.”. $60.
  14. Albert, “Structure of Algebras”. Hardcover 1939. $15
  15. Dirk van Dalen, “Logic and Structure”. 2004 Softcover printing. $60
  16. Nathan Jacobson, “Lie Algebras”. Wiley 1962 ex-library copy. Some wear on cover and library markings. $10


  • M. L. says:

    Cackled loudly when I reached “Higher Topos Theory”.

    • Jason Polak says:

      Haha. Well, I like some aspects of higher categories, but only for relations to other areas of math like applications to understanding K-theory. But in that case there are more appropriate sources. Lurie’s book may not be the best source in this regard.

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