Strasbourg 2012 Part 1: Intro

According to my activities page, I should be in Strasbourg right now. In fact, I am in Strasbourg! Here is a typical city picture:

Strasbourg River

Now, my intention is to write a series of blog posts briefly summarising the conference. This post is just a summary of summaries, and the upcoming posts will be the actual summary of the talks. The first one should appear today or tomorrow at the latest.

Now before you think I should be a better tourist and hence I should be outside sampling the delicious noisette ice cream that costs three euros, I actually need to summarise what has happened so far so that I understand the upcoming lectures. Otherwise I won’t get much out of the lectures, some of which contain much new material, and that would be a shame indeed. However I have a few extra days here during which I promise to be the most involved tourist imaginable, perhaps even visiting every single shop in the downtown area.

Brief Description of the Workshop

First, there are four minicourses and two overview lectures. Synopses can be found at the workshop website. For reference, the courses are, in order of appearance:

  1. Bernard le Stum: Rigid cohomology
  2. Wolfgang Soergel: D-Modules
  3. Pierre-Henri Chaudouard: Le lemme fondamental
  4. Laurent Clozel: Ramanujan conjecture and automorphic forms

The two survey lectures are, in order of appearance:

  1. Bernard le Stum: One century of p-adic: From Hensel to Berkovich
  2. Benoit Stroh: Petits camarades cristallins et conjecture de Langlands, d’après Lafforgue

The series of blog posts will be an attempt to summarise everything I feel sufficiently capable to do so. Naturally there will be some parts I will have to leave out until I can explain them better, so that there will be gaps here and there. Unlike my other posts, I will ask the reader’s patience since I am not fluent in the details of these fields.

Also, due to time limitations and other distractions offered by this beautiful city, some posts will be delayed until I actually return to Montreal. So stay tuned! But first, another picture:

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