Fields Medal Symposium 2012

The Fields Medal Symposium (see link for program) is a newly created annual gathering of mathematicians from around the world at the Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada to celebrate the work of a fields medalist.

The first Symposium will occur this year on October 15-October 18 on the topic of Ngô’s work on the fundamental lemma. This event will include lectures at a variety of levels, including a panel for high school students and undergraduates and public lectures on the Langlands program.

This is tremendously exciting because so many famous people in the field will be at this Symposium, and thus students working on various aspects of the Langlands program and the fundamental lemma will benefit greatly from attending.

Also, I hope to write a few blog posts while I am in Toronto covering some aspects of the Symposium. Stay tuned!

Some Links

Those who have registered should also get the free tickets for the public opening.

Aside from the schedule, the Symposium is on Twitter and there is the Symposium Blog.

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