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Poll: Features that would improve the arXiv

With the hundreds of papers released every day, I think it would be nice to have some ways to find the ones others find interesting. Vote in this poll for the features you might like: Note: I am not affiliated with the arXiv so this poll is just for fun.

Number of arXiv Papers By Area in the Last Ten Months

I subscribe to arXiv RSS feeds through Thunderbird, which gives me some interesting stats about the number of papers posted to each area. Here are the numbers in a handy graph for the last ten months or so: Of course, I’m ignoring the problem of cross-posts, missing feed items possibly from not retrieving them for […]

arXiv: Kindler and Rülling’s Intro Notes on l-adic Sheaves

One policy of Aleph Zero Categorical is that any lecture notes posted on the arXiv that I manage to see will be announced and advertised here. Today I saw that Lars Kindler and Kay Rülling have posted their notes entited: Introductory course on $\ell$-adic sheaves and their ramification theory on curves I quote from the […]

Preprints and Classics 4

Some arXiv links that look interesting: Bhatt and Scholze: The pro-étale topology for schemes Farjoun and Scherer: Conditionally flat functors on spaces and groups Frot: Godel’s Completeness Theorem and Deligne’s Theorem Ruelle: Post-human mathematics Bak and Garge: Global actions, K-theory and unimodular rows Koenigsmann: Undecidability in number theory Lusztig: On conjugacy classes in the Lie […]