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Free notes on rigidity of groups acting on manifolds

A final version of a 160-page text written by Aaron Brown and others appeared on the arXiv today. The abstract: This text is an expanded series of lecture notes based on a 5-hour course given at the workshop entitled “Workshop for young researchers: Groups acting on manifolds” held in Teresópolis, Brazil in June 2016. The […]

arXiv: Kindler and Rülling’s Intro Notes on l-adic Sheaves

One policy of Aleph Zero Categorical is that any lecture notes posted on the arXiv that I manage to see will be announced and advertised here. Today I saw that Lars Kindler and Kay Rülling have posted their notes entited: Introductory course on $\ell$-adic sheaves and their ramification theory on curves I quote from the […]