A simple thing you can do to resist technology

One of the simplest things you can do to resist technology is to learn about plants and animals. I already gave this point in my most recent newsletter, but I will talk about it here too because it’s so important.

The reason why this works is because learning about plants and animals strengthens your connection with the natural world.

How do you learn about them? Get a book and read about them. But don’t just use a book. Go outside and sit on the grass and watch them. Feel the environment they’re in, touch some plants, feel the bark of trees. Observe the insects and find a spider.

There is nothing more important than our connection with the natural world because we are part of it. Having this connection will orient you along the right path to resist the sick pathology that we call technology. Of course, even more importantly, being close to nature is the only path to true health.

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