Welcome to my hand-crafted table of contents. This used to be automatic, but I feel it’s better to have a manual table of contents and rely less on plugins. Plus, I can write a better guide maually which will be far more helpful than an automatically-generated list of articles here.

To start: The background

If you’re just coming to this blog, you may be interested in why it exists. It was actually my math blog before, but I decided to delete all the posts and you can read why here.

My general view of technology can be captured by the following articles:

  1. The dawn of a new organism
  2. Six reasons why AI is dangerous and should be destroyed
  3. How will AI destroy us?

Call to action!

These posts have more practical advice on how to be more critical of technology or oppose it.

  1. List: things you can do to slow the progress of technology
  2. An enlightened society’s rules for using technology

These lists will be updated as time permits.

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