Beware of the AI wolf in sheep’s clothing

You should watch out for AI masquerading as something good. Most technologies usually have both positive and negative effects on society. Unfortunately, the positive effects are usually ephemeral and quick to manifest themselves whereas the long-term effects are hard to comprehend for most of us and damaging to the basic nature of being human.

Consider the following article, Prediction of Temperature and Heat Wave Occurrence for Summer Season Using Machine Learning.

This purpose of this article is to ameliorate the effects of intense heat. In the abstract we read:

Climate variations have become worse and diversified recently, which caused catastrophic disasters for our communities and ecosystem including economic property damages in Korea.

However, the downside is that if we can constantly ameliorate the effects of climate change, then we will be oblivious to its true nature until it is too late. We should be burned by climate change, and we should respond by reducing our impact on the environment. Instead, we use technologies like advanced climate models and importing water from far away places instead of spending money on what’s really important: reducing our impact.

I fundamentally oppose most of these things because all they do is make people think that technology will save them. Of course, I do not believe we should stop helping people. But sometimes, people need a bit of pain to realize that they are doing something wrong.

Finally, why did I refer to this example as an example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Because it’s about artificial intelligence. It’s a great example of how people shroud their own intellectual amusement around AI into the guise of doing something good for humanity, when it certainly does not do much good.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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