Don’t distrust science, but have caution about invention

I have talked at length about how we should be extremely wary of technology. But that means being cautious about the social and environmental impacts of technology. It does not mean that we should be suspicious of the basic scientific method. The scientific method works. It produces results that rapidly and successful converge onto the truth.

Of course, science is not flawless, especially when it is applied to the social sciences which is heavily flawed to begin with. But generally, the physical sciences are the best guide we have if we want to figure something out.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant skeptics out there, such as climate deniers. A climate denier is a person who refuses to listen to any facts and tries to deny the human impact on climate change, or sometimes even denies that climate change exist. These people are idiots and it is unfortunate that they exist.

Skepticism is good, but only when it is combined with logic and science. If it is combined with religious ferocity and ignorance then it produces nonsensical things like denying climate change and random conspiracy theories. We don’t need any more of that in this world. Ignorant skeptics only make this world worse.

Therefore, although a lot of technology is harmful, it does not mean that we should become religious fanatics without any logic at all. Instead, we need to listen to scientific findings to figure out what the hell we are doing to this planet.

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