Five problems with society today

Today, I am going to look at five problems of society today. You may of course object to my use of the word “society”, as there are many small societies that coexist both peacefully and not so peacefully.

Nonetheless, when I say “society”, I mean the truly global society of people that is a higher-order phenomenon made up of smaller cultures and societies. Such a term makes sense today since everyone is highly connected from the richest to the poorest countries.

Therefore, it really does make sense to speak of a global society, even though there are highly local phenomena that make not occur everywhere. Of course in this post, I will refer to fairly global phenomena.

1. The principle of the least bad

With the rise of modern technology, we are often given the choice of the least bad. We are constrained to live in a world that is being destroyed by technology, or at least being heavily beaten by the violence of consumerism. However, we are sometimes given the choice of the least bad thing: for example, for communication, email is a prerequisite for life in most parts of the world. Many people choose Google, which works well enough.

However, Google is a soulless corporation which uses every dollar of profit to accelerate consumerism. It is not a good choice to support Google, but it is one of the least bad options for most people who just need basic email.

You may think that the principle of the least bad existed since the dawn of time, and in some cases, it did. But now that most of our freedoms have been curtailed, the principle of the least bad operates in full force.

2. Climate problems and every day life

Most of modern life is damaging to the climate. Unfortunately, what’s worse is that we are given no options to live life in a more harmonious way. There are definitely options for a few that are willing to go out and live in a shack with no electricity, but it’s clear that if everyone did that, it become chaotic.

We are always very optimistic about technology, and we say that technology can accomplish anything. Why are we so pessimistic that moving to a truly more sustainable future is impossible?

3. The illusion of change

In small democratic systems, people can truly change their community and have a voice in shaping it. In modern society, we have very little ability to change anything. But what’s worse is that governments and corporations are giving us the illusion that we are doing something via programs like electric cars and recycling.

Of course, driving an electric car might make some incremental improvement some of the time. Unfortunately, all of these changes happen within the capitalistic-consumerist framework whose fundamental objective is accelerating growth.

Therefore, people become more complacent than ever and never really try and change things because they think they already are changing something by eating less meat and driving an electric car.

4. Massive technology companies

The existence of massive technology companies like Google is one of the worst problems for modern society because they are hell-bent on creating a world where everyone is essentially a drone that simply produces more technology and consumes technology.

The big tech companies are the worst because technology itself operates best on a huge scale and a company like Google provides the perfect platform for such an operation.

We can see how tech companies are operating by looking at AI: it is a system to generate endless content so that we can consume it. We should instead destroy AI and tech companies but unfortunately few people even think of this.

5. Overpopulation

All of these problems are exacerbated and made possible by overpopulation. A lot of people think overpopulation is a thing at all because there is still world hunger and disease. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate picture.

The world continues to grow and even if technology solves all the “problems” like world hunger, we will have a massive momentum of humanity that currently has no idea how to live harmoniously with the world. In fact, the existence of so many people combined with technology is probably something that precludes harmony with nature.

Even if not, we need to start having less children and find ways to stabilize and over time, reduce our population.


I’ve listed five problems with modern society. Unfortunately, they are huge problems are are unlikely to be solved quickly. But at least we should start thinking about them and how to solve them.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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