Fundamental reason why Sora won’t improve filmmaking

OpenAI’s Sora is a generative video AI tool that people can use to generate video clips based on prompts. Based on the results so far, it can certainly generate semi-realistic looking scenes. And no doubt, we are going to see a lot of short and long films with this sort of content in it. There’s a lot of hype behind it, and one huge myth: that AI will democratize creativity and put storytelling tools into the hands of more people.

However, that is patently false: AI is a system for propagating more of the same. By being exceptionally limited in the way it generates new content, it limits, rather than expands the domain of possibilities when it comes to true creativity. For people who get used to using it, it locks them into a narrow mode of production that restricts self-expression.

This is an example of a fundamental flaw in our pursuit for equality: instead of trying to give everyone a healthy environment for expression and survival, we are trying to push everyone into the broken institutions of capitalism. It happens with equality movements: instead of trying to give everyone healthy contact with nature, we want all groups to have equal access to corporate boards, and prestigious positions. But a pretigious position is nothing else than a position of power in which to further capitalism. In other words, equality movements first and foremost aim to get everyone into the front lines of furthering capitalistic destruction.

It is the same with this AI movement: instead of trying to foster a more healthy environment of creativity, we are trying to push everyone into the broken system of being like Hollywood and producing more of the same garbage that they produce. AI is a solution for the technological organism and the machine, not for humanity. Therefore, it will only force storytelling further away from the human spirit.

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