I am making this list partially for myself, and partially for others who have realized the dangers of technology and how it is leading to our destruction.

  1. Avoid creating especially dangerous technologies such as AI and machine-learning programs. This is especially true if you are a programmer.
  2. Avoid developing any advanced mathematics that may lead to developments in computer science, especially in artificial intelligence fields.
  3. Use as few social networks as possible. Companies like Facebook are especially aggressive in their pursuit of new technologies and if you don’t support them, they have a greater chance of crumbling.
  4. If you do use any social networks, use them to spread the message of the danger of technology
  5. Use the technology you have for as long as possible. Less upgrades means that development at large corporations will be slower and less profitable.
  6. Take as many breaks from technology as possible. By taking more breaks from technology, you will be reminded that there is a whole world out there (the natural one) that does not depend on technology.
  7. Make a list of all technology that you use and ponder carefully the pros and cons it has on life.
  8. We can’t eliminate all technology from life, but we can minimize it. Concentrate efforts on the most destructive kind of technology, such as artificial intelligence.
  9. Some technology might not be all bad, and might be crucial in achieving a world with technology under heavy moderation. Therefore, a critical approach examining all technology is important.
  10. Emphasize reduction, and ways to live life and enjoy it without depending on the latest technologies. Eliminating everything isn’t possible or practical for most people, but some reduction can actually be very life-enriching.
  11. The most dangerous technologies are those coming from large tech companies such as Google and Facebook. Ideally, such companies would be broken up because they have too much influence over society, and their direction is purely driven by profit. Thus it is imperative to watch them as closely as possible, and vote for government regulation that will stifle their innovation.

I will add more to this list as I think of it.

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