My goals for tech use reduction in the next 5 years

This is an evolving list of how I plan to reduce my technology usage in the next few years:

  1. Reduce Internet usage. Ideally, three days per week maximum and at most 2 hours per day.
  2. Get rid of smartphones, which might be impossible. However, I already use mine very little: maybe 1 hour of usage per week.
  3. Write more on paper, and use the screen for near-final drafts
  4. More to come…

This is an evolving list. The ultimate goal isn’t just an arbitrary reduction of technology, but to have more time to appreciate the world unencumbered by technology. I’ve had quite a lot of time to do that and I realize that technology removes a lot of the joy that comes with being human. Moreover, any excitement that comes from technology is less about creating true joy and more about playing upon our human instincts for information acquisition, which is a very different thing (refined sugar tastes good but is bad).

I’ll update this list more as I go on. I also encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, which is online for now but my goal is to eventually take it offline and send paper copies, assuming enough people are willing to pay a subscription to pay for postage.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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