Post-useful human activity

Post-useful human activity is any activity that is no longer useful to us. Instead, its only purpose is to keep the technological system going for the sake of technological development. Almost everything we do now is post-useful. And, to keep this post-useful activity going, we have tied our basic needs into the system.

Yes, modern technology sometimes appears to make life “easier”. But we are going to have severe long-term problems and in fact, we already are having these problems such as the melting of the arctic. And all of these big problems are going to vastly outweigh any benefits of our post-useful activities.

Post-useful activities include the development of artificial intelligence, new cellphones, and almost all academic research. Yet, we do them because we have tied our basic necessities into this unsustainable system so we are stuck on the track to destruction.

Technology gives rise to post-useful activities because activities evolve into being for the primary purpose of technological development instead of being beneficial to the biosphere. Technology turns us into true parasites and we must be aware of it and stop it.

There is no saving modern society. We must slowly bring it down, which includes bringing down large corporations (especially the tech companies).

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