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On the whole, AI will make the world worse. We would be much better off if AI research were halted and even destroyed. I rather doubt this will happen because companies like OpenAI and Google have far too much power and money, and there is simply no oversight. However, in order to understand the problem better, I have written six reasons why AI will make the world worse (or is already doing so):

  1. AI removes the need for other humans. Of course, all technology does this to some extent, but the extent to which AI does so is at a sufficient level to cause a fatal problem in the way we interact. The lack of needing others will magnify our narcissism and create a distorted society in which humans completely stop caring about other humans.
  2. AI will make the development of other advanced technologies like computers much faster than ever before, advancing the technological system to a point where we no longer control it. That will in turn make new AI models advance to levels we cannot even dream of, or control.
  3. AI will generate so much content that we will be swimming in a glut of content, most of it bad and soulless. That includes AI generated books, movies, and articles. Unfortunately, that will make it difficult for humans to connect to other humans, and even find anything of value. Humans function best when there is some level of scarcity of resources. When we have everything at our fingertips, we actually have nothing.
  4. AI will be used by malicious people such as hackers to create very advanced attacks and scams that will take advantage of millions of helpless people. Unlike previous technologies, these scams will be very hard to avoid, much harder than before.
  5. When sufficiently advanced, AI will no longer need humans and hence it will choose to destroy us. Of course, it may not do so “Terminator-style”. It is much more likely that AI will finally create a technological ecosystem that will cause humans to die en-masse simply because they no longer have a purpose in life, and we’ll just do the job for AI by dying of purposelessness. (Some animals have been known to die like this.)
  6. AI is a wealth-concentration mechanism, which will shift more and more wealth into the hands of the elite (programmers and CEOs). AI is so advanced that it can (or will be able to) do the job of almost anyone. It can already almost take the job of writers, Hollywood wants to take the jobs of actors, and pretty much almost any job you can think of will be taken over by AI. Thus we come to the conclusion: the “magicians” who can maintain and develop AI will collect all the resources, give the rest of us a pittance in the form of universal basic income, and use us for the leftover jobs (like manual labor) to run the world


  1. You have a typo in number 1

    You wrote: but to the extend – it should be… “to the extent”

    Keep up the good work!

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