The Great Myth: More knowledge is better

One of the greatest myths in modern times is that more knowledge is better. Or, that more knowledge will help us solve all our world problems like climate change and species extinctions. That however, is very far from the truth.

We believe it because it has become dogma and doctrine.

At one point, it was true that some knowledge acquisition was necessary to bring us out of barbarism. And I say this not because I believe knowledge is necessarily a good thing, but just because our brains are sufficiently powerful that at least some knowledge is necessary for us to understand ourselves.

However, we have mostly reached the point of diminishing returns in all areas of knowledge. Of course, there are some avenues that are worth exploring, but very few. Now, instead of acquiring new knowledge, we must acquire new wisdom.

We must stop glorifying science and knowledge, and treat it more cautiously as something that is more likely to cause us to further expand and destroy the world, rather than something that will bring enlightenment.

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