The multifarious nature of action in modern society

In modern society, our actions can have multiple functions that may not be readily apparent. For example, people who speak out against the system might think their actions are changing things for the better, but such individuals may also have the function of allowing dissatisfied people to blow off the steam from frustration of living in such a complex society.

It is true that in all societies, actions may have multiple effects, but in simpler societies, such effects are relatively simple.

But in a global consumerist society, our actions and the ultimate purpose of them is much more subtle. In fact, as the clarity of individual thought and perception degrades, the cohesiveness of the modern consumerist machine (or the technological organism) just increases.

What is the technological organism? It is the collection of human beings merged with technology in the modern world, and it behaves much like any other organism. There is an inverse relationship between the autonomy and clarity of thought of the individual and the health of the technological organism.

Another example is the leftist pursuit of equality and equity policies. Ostensibly, the goal here is to achieve equality and equal representation for everyone, but we can also see that they are a goal to integrate everyone equally in the prison of technological production. Of course, I do think that everyone should be treated equally, at least in the sense of having equal basic freedoms, though I don’t agree with equity policies.

Nonetheless, the pursuit of equality as it is typically done by the so-called left is one which is primarily aimed at encouraging everyone to be equally trapped within modern technology, which is making the entire planet worse.

There are hundreds of actions that could be viewed in multiple ways. Even conservation can help the progression of the technological stranglehold. That is because it gives people a way to experience nature in a highly constricted way to satisfy their basic urge to see and connect with nature. In reality, it just distracts us from the incredible violence we use to destroy the entire planet for our own use.

That does not mean we shouldn’t conserve. But we should also understand that conservation is a compromise that gives people temporary relief from having to live in this twisted world of disrespect for nature. We need to make the compromise, but for people who truly care about wildlife and being harmonious with nature, mere conservation of tiny portions of land cannot be a complete solution to oppose the incredible violence of industrial society.

In conclusion, we should never forget that our actions to improve things within industrial society is mainly optimizing industrial society, and using technology to ameliorate the unnatural state we are in.

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