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Unlike most websites, I do not track my visitors. I did have a stats plugin recently to see which posts were the most popular, but I figured there was no point in that so I deleted it. Of course, I can still view server logs to see fairly anonymous requests like every website, but I don’t see anything beyond some IP addresses and I rarely look at those anyway.

In short, there are no cookies, tracking, or collection of personal data on this website. You can check out my list of plugins I use for wordpress:

I only have three: the Akismet plugin to filter out spam comments, the classic editor because the WordPress Gutenberg editor is an abomination, and the WordPress Importer, in case I need to import some posts.

The best way to leave your mark here is to leave a comment, and you don’t need to be signed up to some junk service like Disqus or Facebook (one of the worst websites in existence, and one for which I’ve never had an account) to do so.

This website doesn’t get too many hits, but I’m actually happy about that. I’m not trying to create entertainment or tendy topics here. However, if you’re concerned about how technology is taking over the world and making it worse, this is a pretty good place to start.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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