Three goals of technology

As I’ve talked about before, technology and its amalgamation with human beings can be thought of as an organism. This is a concept I explain more in my upcoming book. Individual technologies are like cells, and they come together and interact to form the technological organism, which of course can be quite different at different times. And this organism has the singular purpose to grow indefinitely, consuming all resources around it. Moreover, it must accomplish three goals in order to make us complete slaves, or in other words, turn us into additional cells that have no autonomy.

Here are the three goals of technology that will aid in its suppression of humanity:

  1. First, technology needs to separate us from nature. By separating us from nature, we lose the confidence of being part of a holistic and healthy ecosystem. Yes, this ecosystem also has its perils and dangers but that is just a natural part of life.
  2. Second, technology needs to separate us from other human beings. It does so by destroying communities and replacing the lost connections with pseudo-anonymous interaction online that is a pale shadow of true human interaction.
  3. Third, it needs to take away our creative expression and artistic reflection. It does so by shaping creative expression and mutating it through global capitalism to suit the needs of global capitalism. Part of destroying our creative expression also comes from the second stage, but it also is killed directly through tools like generative AI

We have already gone through the first two steps, although technically we still have some human interaction with family. However, now that small children are exposed to advanced technology (just look at parents giving children tablets and such), technology is isolating us further. Only biological tendencies keep some semblance of human connection. However, we’ve lost most small communities.

We are currently in the third stage now. While technology has suppressed creative output for some time now, technology has now launched an active attack against creativity with generative AI.

We are losing, and being docile in response to the onslaught of technology. Instead, we need to actively fight against it. We need to fight against AI and technology and global capitalism as much as possible, and not just passively protest.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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