Tips for a better relationship with existence and nature

In this post, I will describe some tips you can use as an individual human being to contribute to a more sustainable relationship with nature. I’ve talked about some of these in my newsletter but these are slightly different, so you should read these too.

  1. Find something you enjoy doing, and spend a lot of time doing it. Learn something and learn it well. But at the same time, understand at every point how the knowledge you learn has shaped society and how it will shape society. Understand the impact of the new power you gain with your knowledge.
  2. Spend less time paying attention to what other relatively anonymous people are doing, and pay more attention to the people you really know in real life.
  3. If you enjoy something special, do not consume it too often, whether it is something like food or something intellectual. Take more time to truly savour fewer things.
  4. I’ve said this before, but take at least one day per week where you do not use the internet at all.
  5. Learn more about plants and animals in your area by simply watching them.
  6. Avoid upgrading your technology for as long as you can. Use what you have and find new uses for what you have.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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