What I wish for

If I could have any wish, you might think I’d wish for riches. And in fact, perhaps in this screwed up world, I might be tempted to wish for an isolated place away from civilization. But here is what I wish for in truth is…

…That people can have land as a right rather than a commodity, so that they can be independent and a community can grow their own food if they want to. With land, there would be another option besides importing everything you need and becoming a wage-slave for a ruthless and anonymous capitalistic system that is inherently destructive and violent.

…That fossil fuels would disappear overnight, that someone would poison their sources, that all infrastructure for fossil fuel extraction would be permanently destroyed, and that all knowledge for fossil fuel chemistry would be destroyed. That way, we could not use fossil fuels and we could not pretend to save the world by creating green energy sources that still use fossil fuels in their pipeline.

…That we would end the religion of science and capitalism as the ultimate good and tools for improvement. I think science can still be useful but we have come to too much power with it and we need to treat it with more caution.

…That large corporations and global supply chains would erode and collapse upon themselves because they are seen as the unsustainable source of poison that they are. Yes. that would mean no more computer to type my blog posts on, but I would trade all of this technology for a clean environment in a second.

These are some of my wishes. But most of all, I wish that animals and plants would have a clean planet so that they don’t suffer extinctions and poison from us like they do now.

If a owl could fly through a forest without the danger of losing its home to a timber company and a dolphin could swim without the dnager of being killed simply because it’s caught in an industrial fishing net, that would be paradise. It would not just be paradise because it would be a better life for the animals, but it would be a better life for us too, because nothing is better than a healthy biosphere. Nothing.

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