Which jobs further the technological system?

Before I really start this post, one could say and ask: society has many problems. Is looking at it through the lens of technology really the best way to help solve these problems? For example, although the contemporary philosopher Slavoj Žižek talks about the dangers of digital control and technology, he is much more focused on political systems and how the current late-stage capitalistic system can’t survive much longer.

Perhaps these are sides of the same coin, since the current system would hardly even be possible without technology. However, I still believe in focusing on technology first before talking about politics for several reasons. First, technology is the energy to the system: without it, we could simply not create the overabundance we have, which (coupled with rapid communication and transportion as noted by Ted Kaczynski) enables the level of intense globalization. Secondly, understanding the main mechanisms of technology is most readily understandable to the average person (like myself) and thus it makes much more sense for communicating to the majority compared to the relatively subtle intellectual quality of academic philosophy.

Can we find a stable solution to humanity by purely changing the political systems and societal norms, taking the ideas of Marx and others into account? I seriously doubt it without also taking technology into account as well, not just as something incidental but something fundamental. Yes, there have been serious problems with society in the past that were far more due to political systems but in this day and age, technology must be attacked directly as well as the current political systems in order for change to come about.

Now without further ado, let’s go into a list of jobs (or job types) that further the technological system in a way that will be eventually destructive for modern society, even though they are helpful in the short term:

  1. Computer security. Computer security jobs are actually one of the prime drivers of the technological society. That is because without advanced security such as cryptography, the world connected through the internet would be impossible. In fact, our knowledge of public-key cryptography is one of the most damaging pieces of knowledge that we know. Yes, you may say, I cannot even write this blog without it (at least not easily). Of course, I am only writing this blog because the internet exists. I would be perfectly happy to be doing something else if the world were not saturated with technology, but it is part of my duty as a human being to point out dangers I see to my own tribe.
  2. Software developer. Software keeps people using computers and also, pushes hardware to the edge so that newer computers are created. Without software, computers would be useless. Does that mean all software is detrimental? Perhaps some basic software can have a net positive effect on humanity but we do not have the maturity to choose which.
  3. Marketing. Marketing is one of the prime drivers of advertising, which in turn is the only way many large tech companies even survive.
  4. University professor. Most professor positions train people to acquire knowledge without the responsibility to use it, they give people knowledge to enter the modern workforce, they even train people directly to develop technology.

It’s importat to note that this is not a moral condemnation. Almost everyone needs a job to eat and I have done some of these jobs also. Rather, making this list is to raise awareness and make the point that if you have one of these jobs you can also use it to speak out against the system and fight against it. For example, if you are a computer programmer, make sure to refuse to develop any AI programs. Of course, if that is your primary job then it would be a good idea to quit.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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