Why grading with ChatGPT is immoral

If you are grading your students’ essays or homework with ChatGPT, then it is immoral and wrong. It does the students a disservice.

Is such a strong statement justified? I think it is. Now of course, you might think that ChatGPT is just a tool and that because it’s so good, a sort of dialectical dialogue with it can be useful for learning to write better texts. I would not disagree with that.

But education is more than just learning, isn’t it? By only focusing on the results of a tool, you omit the importance of human nature and human interaction in the learning process. Once you focus on the human aspect of learning, we can immediately find several things horribly wrong with using ChatGPT to grade homework.

The first is that it by using ChatGPT to grade essays, you reduce the human care and attention into reading a student’s essay. Therefore, a barrier is placed between the student and the teacher that makes the student even more anonymous. Once that barrier is put in place, the student becomes more of a cog and less of a human being. They get the message that they are not even worthy of human attention.

But even if you use ChatGPT in conjunction with your own input and you claim your input is still a good amount of attention to the student, the invitation of the machine still takes the focus away from the human relationship. It also removes the unique character of a two-person interaction that is so important: the interaction of two people engaging in communication leads to mutual understanding. By inviting ChatGPT into the mix, you dilute that interaction and you remove some of the potential for human understanding.

It gets worse. Even if you use ChatGPT as an assistant, you as a person will over time, become too dependent on the averaging of thoughts from others. Your own independent thought will be eroded and your own ability for critical thinking will diminish. Yes, we have already succumbed to that to some extent as human beings by relying so much on technology, it is true.

But generative AI brings that reliance down much quicker and more ruthlessly by replacing many acts that we should be performing ourselves with our brains. In short, using ChatGPT is like using an externally-powered suit to accomplish mechanical tasks. Sooner or later, your body will rot in such a condition, just like your mind rots with ChatGPT.

Generative AI is the grease that makes society become more uniform and less original. It takes away the desire to think independently, and it makes education mechanical and lifeless. It not only has these specific effects, but it is one step further towards a society where the only thing that matters is the mental efficiency of the student, and not the delicate evolution of human personality that can become something beautiful and unique. This emphasis on mental efficiency is being driven to its pathological extreme only for the sake of global capitalism and to the exclusion of human individuality.

Doesn’t ChatGPT increase productivity? Yes, and we shouldn’t be so productive! It is our very productivity without a parallel growth in our wisdom that has landed us in our hyper-consumerist mess in the first place. DAMN productivity!

If you use ChatGPT for grading, you are doing your students a disservice, and you disrespect what it means to be human. The only moral position is a zero tolerance policy towards ChatGPT and generative AI. ChatGPT may be shiny and offer a new way of learning, but in the long run, it is like the amphetamine that may increase mental production for a short time: it will only lead to our ruin.

All my posts are written without AI. Feel free to download and copy this image to support the fight against AI!

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